Unicorns Realy exist in world TOP 4 Facts?


Unicorns mentioned the first time in 5th BC and Scotland country has a national symbol of a unicorn. This unicorn has the magical power to heal sickness, power of render poisoned water potable. It’s also symbols of magic, miracles, enchantment but gets noticed rarely.

How did unicorns die?

Scientist says Angel become extinct during the ice age and due to change in climate there species reduce their grassy habitat present age is Mongolia, China-North, Russia.

My Friend Sam tells a great story when he was young, he has baby sitter around walk through a park. He was laid after noon there were big greasy field. All the sudden he heard baby sitter say look a Angel Sam turned his head and saw a shadow.

 A large creature with seemed like a big horn   a real angel he thought. He only heard about in the books. Now in stories and movies angel are the amazing animals. you know joint horses with twisted magical horns 

So Sam could not believe could it be a real angel right there in the park. when the animal heard them, it looks up toward him

deer Animal
deer Animal

And that’s what Sam does its big deer. his baby sitter had played little joke on him but even it was just deer. angel have to be real right. I mean think about this.

Unicorn looks
Unicorn looks

Angels are mentioned in stories through different cultures all around the world.

Indian Belives unicorn Exist

indian Belive in unicorn
indian Belive in unicorn

In the country of India they tell the story of best with one big horn colored white black and red.

China Belives in unicorn Exist

Point of View By Chinesse
Point of View By Chinesse

 In china Angels were among the four secret creatures along with the dragon phoenix

Scotland have National Symbol

Unicorn is National Symbol of Scotland
Unicorn is National Symbol of Scotland

In Scotland people love the idea of Angel so much that’s why it’s the national Symbol of Scotland. You see a building in signs. so

Are Angels real animals   that actually walking around out there in world. Or only made up animals in stories?

Moose and rams have horns but those common pairs. they are two of there heads. But there are few animals out there a single horn.

 A small of the animal kingdom Austrian spider. a type of insect that has a single long horn and among the larger animals.

Narwhal fish

Narwhal fish
Narwhal fish

 this type of whale is real animal that lives in occasion its horn is actually a single long tooth that uses to hunt fish.

So are Angels parts of real life one horned animal club

Are Unicorn Real?

 Scientist recently find a good clue that answer this question a fossil. you know that a fossil is when the remains of animals it captured in could be footprint of track.


In this case its use to be a bunch of bons. scientist had been finding fossils  of dinosaurs  and marmots animal but then they found  creature even more  recent times  a one horned creature .

They called it the Siberian Angel

Siberian unicorn

Siberian unicorn
Siberian unicorn

 like Angel it did have single extremely long horned but other than it looks really pretty different from our usual idea of Angel .it was short it was big and it was probably really free. It looks more like buffalo rather than horse.

 But it did have one horn that a Angel does so scientist decided it may sense to call it  unicorn. Think Siberian Anegel  even walked on earth around the same time of starting of human beings if you never seen unicorn may be your great great great  grand parents did.


 There are a lot of different animals with horns but only a few of them  have one horn and none of them are hoses . we don’t  think that unicorn are real animals that alive today but based on fossals today we found may be along time ago.

 Unicorn word real . that’s all  of this question.

What do you think?

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