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Peacocks have the most familiar two species. Which are Green Peacock and Blue peacock famous by the national bird of India, Congo Peacock Greenleaf found in Myanmar while Blue peafowl lives in India and Sri lanka.

Green Peacock

Green Peacock
Green Peacock

This can find in Myanmar (Burma) and is native to the South Asia forest. This peafowl sexes are similar to Indian peafowl especially in wild. These are silent peafowl than blue and congo. the male peafowl has loud voice like ki-wao which name is imperator. The female has loud voice like aow-aa with significance. These are largest bird overall peafowl.


The male peafowl height is 1.9 to 3 meter & 5 ft 12 inches to 9 ft 11 inches.  and its tail length is 1.5 to 1.6 meter & 5 ft 7 inches to 5 ft 4 inches.  This green peafowl tail is longer than blue (Indian) peafowl but shorter than arguses. 

The female peafowl height is smaller than male which is 1 to 1.1 meter & 3 ft 4 inches to 3 ft 8 inches. It has large wingspan which is 1.3 meter & 3 ft 11 inches long and in male it has 1.7 meter & 5 ft 4 inches.

These are capable to comfort flight


This peafowl forest bird laying 4 to 7 eggs and their nests is on the ground.  They spend their time usually near the ground in long grass their diet consists of many fruits, reptiles, frogs and rodents. They also can hunt snakes. The adult peafowl favorite food are also flower, buds leaves and berries.

Blue Peacock

Indian Peacock
Indian Peacock

Blue lives in India and Sri lank Peafowl such as peacock praise by humas keep as pets thousand years and they have several color combinations selectively.  They are well domestic birds in the world.

Their second name is common peafowl and Indian peafowl.

The Male peafowl is magnificent colored with prominent blue fan crest, wings it sounds like long train and it has beautiful blue eyespots on his body. this peafowl is able to fly it has greenish neck and duller brown plumage. It lives mostly in ground and in forest


These are larger size peafowl having length from bill to their tail which is 100 -116cm & 38-46 inches.

And fully height with neck is 195-225cm & 78-90 inches and their weight is 5-7 kg & 9.9 to 14.2 lb .

While the female height smaller than male which is around 96cm & 38 inches and their weight is 3.74 to 5 kg & 7.1 to 9.9 lb .

these are heaviest peafowl of the Phasianidea.  So far it known as wild turkey heavier.


This Indian peafowl eat frogs, lizards, small rodents’ grains, berries. their high speaking makes them able to find easily. they live in small groups and in the danger, they fly into tall trees to roost.These species is most familiar in the world. People like to keep them in their houses they  also like to live in small places This peafowl is celebrated in Hindu and Greek mythology and it’s a national bird of india.

Congo Peacock

Congo Peacock

This peafowl known as mbulu and African peafowl this species was found in 1936 by Doctor James Chapin


The Male peacock has size of 65 cm to 70cm & 26 inches to 29 inches. it has red neck skin grey feet and black tail with fourteen feather tail.  Its feathers are never deep blue with metallic green and violet tinge.

The female size is between 60cm to 64cm & 25 inches to 26 inches generally these peafowl has brown short chestnut.


As other member like blue, green peafowl their diet is also consist of fruits and insects. This is also known as national bird. if found in both forest like Salona National Park. In secondary forest these were found close to watercourses where trees smaller and plants are lower, they live in that area also.

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