ostrich eggs are not eaten by people?

ostrich egg's

The common ostrich is a flightless species in the world and found in a large area of Africa. It is one of two extant species and is the largest living bird having weighed almost 310 pounds.

Why people don’t eat ostrich eggs?

Ostrich laid largest eggs in the world seem it’s a lot of sense to eat ostrich instead of chicken eggs  now may be your thinking  wait a second  when ostrich egg have a baby ostrich inside of it the answer is non necessary  check the eggs of hen egg could have a baby check inside if the egg have been fried by a roster by a male chicken

Farmer Keep Ostrich
Farmer Keep Ostrich in their Farm

In the few places in the united states where the farmers keep ostrich in their farm. just collect eggs from female ostriches they lay that

ostrich Eggs bought
ostrich Eggs bought

A few years ago, I actually bought one of these ostrich eggs from an ostrich farm I want to celebrate that fact the company I work for mystery had gone to be ten people. Instead of making egg with one chicken egg I use bird big egg to feed everybody

Well I went to open the bird egg and that’s why I found out one reason why ostrich egg probably popular it turns out the bird egg is so thick and un broken with lightly force comparison with chicken egg. So, tuff to get open

You have to use a drill like see in picture the guy doing there but once you do get it open there so much yoke inside of there

I single bird egg can contain the same amount of yoke as 25 chicken eggs that mean if you are drill open an bird egg you could make an omelet bigger up to feed 12 people just one egg that an I want a mystery.  we defiantly have food around for everyone When I tell a story lots of people ask me what’s is taste like

Taste of Ostrich Egg

Honestly, I don’t think I could tell any differences taste between bird egg and chicken egg .so bird egg is huge and pretty hard to get it open. Most people don’t want to start their morning having to get a drill to make their breakfast.

Drill Ostrich egg for Breakfast
Drill Ostrich egg for Breakfast

But other kinds of eggs people trying eating before bird are the largest bird in the world it might not be surprising that their eggs are the biggest of any egg laid by any animal on earth

But that has always be true there once birds even bigger than ostriches like Elephant Bird

Elephant Bird Vs Ostrich
Elephant Bird Vs Ostrich

It lives on the Ireland of Madagascar.  Sadly, elephant bird single not left on earth. Scientist think it was probably because they hunted by people. but all of this it happened in last thousands of years they did go extinct of millions of years ago like that dinosaur did

And so that means people have been able to find few examples of actual elephant bird eggs still around. eggs that never hatched. These are fossils of actual eggs if the elephant bird still alive it will hold the record for having the largest eggs laid by any animal on earth.

If you think that birds egg is big take a look side by side comparison of an elephant bird egg with bird egg. 

Elephant Egg Vs Ostrich Egg
Elephant Egg Vs Ostrich Egg

Now remember I told you birds trice egg is equal to 25 chicken eggs.

If might be fun you take a pause and guess ok you ready well elephant egg is equal to 125 chicken eggs

size of Elephant Egg
size of Elephant Egg

With that you could make an omelet size of couch. And probably thousands of year ago people living on Madagascar actually might have their breakfast of elephant egg.


Its not just checking the bird. Some people also eat dock eggs and geese eggs.

Duck Eggs
Duck Eggs

These are set to have a different flavor from chicken eggs and creaming tasting.

Emus ostriches

Emus Ostrich
Emus Ostrich

emus are smaller, Australian and cousin of the bird. And more farmers are keeping emus emu egg might become popular. check these out.

Emus one of the most beautiful colorful eggs in the world. and it not even just birds that lay eggs. Here the eggs you might not eat

Emus Eggs
Emus Eggs

Have you ever had been to Sochi before its Japanese food? On some Sochi rows you can order them with this stuff called Massago.


Its little orangish stuff that’s put on.

Fish eggs are eaten by lots of people all around the world. Unlike bird and reptiles’ eggs fish egg done have any Shaw

Eggs Used for Topping On Food
Eggs Used for Topping On Food

And usually, a pretty small egg which is why that is using by topping on food.


Ostriches laid the largest egg of any animal on earth and people do eat bird eggs but most people find chicken eggs easier to the oath.

Lots of animals laid eggs not even just birds and people eat all kinds of these. That’s all about this question.

What do you think?

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