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health equity

Before going to know of Health Equity, you need to know about health causes among the peoples. Economic, Social, and Environmental Conditions can compromise the health condition of a person in a number of ways creating health inequalities

Social Inequalities

Social Inequalities Health Equity
Social Inequalities

This health problem occurs when treating unfairly with others because of things like sexual, class immigration status, gender, class. Many Institute-like schools, corporations have to create unequal opportunities based on social status.

For Example, if one-person graduate from high level university and after completing his education he gets job $70,000 in the same time second person graduate low-level university and he get same degree and gets job let suppose $30,000. this same degree holder person when they meet each other and discuss their life.

Then the lower person gets reach bad with first person which can affect his health that’s is a bad sign for his life. That’s why I want to tell you how’s social inequalities affect the person life, health due to his poor born life, poor level.

If people which are not much educated then he should learn how to live his lifestyle or their lack social financial support for healthy choices and he should choice certain behavior for his healthy life

Smoking, Sexual Access

The access of smoking, sexual, lack of nutrition, unsafe sexual behaviors can generate chances of chronic conditions and diseases to damage health and spoil life. Smokers can live at least 10 years less than nonsmokers.

Genetics Effect

Genetics Effect  Health Equity
Genetics Effect

Health inconsistency are also created by genetics. We learn everyday how our genetics are making more vulnerable and causing our health problems. Nobody can define how the opportunities we are taken where we live should be denied.

In short to achieve health we focus on our daily life plan, eating plan, and need to create fair opportunities for health, provide equal access to resources.

Factor Health Care Communication

There are three factor of health care communications first is

1: health literacy

2: cultural competency

3: linguistic competency.

These three-factor interconnected with each other dynamically health equity .   For example, For instance, an individual’s wellbeing proficiency might be impacted by socio-social components including instruction, pay, nation of birthplace level of osmosis to the host culture, to give some examples. Social elements not just incorporate language, sex financial status, sexual direction, and sex personality yet in addition physical and intellectual ability, age, religion, lodging status and local contrasts

All factor which I told are very cooperative and dynamic. Its difficult to isolate it but its so much integrative and influences with health equity. We should know that low health literacy is not language learn methodology.

Today USA becoming more lingually and diverse by culturally. last three decades the number of people spoken English language in homes are becoming less.

Health Disparity

Health Equity
Health Equity

Health disparity affect groups of people who continue his life health equity with experienced greater social and economic obstacles and health literacy must be view in culture context.

The following list provide example of social determinants of health which having two factor positive and negative health equity influences.

  1. Unemployment and job security
  2. Working life conditions
  3. Social, income protection
  4. Health services access to affordable of decent quality.
  5. House amenities and environment
  6. Insecurity of food

In the end if we want to live health and tension free live then we should focus on our daily routine life , eating food strategy and main thing is that we should complete our sleep hours which is 6 hours. One research by SDH said if person did not sleep 6 hour than many diseases get home in his life and which affect his health in his life which is worse sign in field of health equity.

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