cane Corso dog vs pitbull terrier TOP 2 terrible dog

cane Corsos dog


Cane corso

Height 25-27 inches (Male), 23.5-26.5 inches (Female)

Pitbull terrier

Height:   17.7165- 24 inches (Male), 16-22.5 inches (Female)

Life Span

The average life of Cane Corso dog is between 10 to 12 years while the life to Pitbull Dog is between 10 to 15 years.

Health Difference

cane Corsos
cane Corsos

The Pitbull lives a bit longer than the Cane Corso This big dog is generally healthy but can have problems like eye, tendency gastric torsion known as bloat, dysplasia, demodex mange and also life-threatening stomach condition. But in spite all of these problems can corso is better than Pitbull dog

Nature Comparison

cane Corsos vs pitbull dog

Corso Affectionate with Family Both Breeds are very Affectionate with Family but the Pitbull the Pitbull is an intelligent breed, quickly learn and get trained if this dog get well trainer. But in this case Big dog C is Smarter. 1 point for Cane Corso.

Corso canine take genuine any part without his relatives. They are faithful to his relatives and kids however they are so much furious obscure individual. Pitbull is more friendly with kids that’s why it deserves one point more than Big corso

Friendly Toward Dogs and Pets Both Breeds are relatively Friendly Toward Animals and do well with other Home pets.  Big corso dog is less friendly than Pitbull due to his hardest nature

Require Exercise or Not

cane corso dog

Corso can live in small apartment and this dog need daily exercise and activity to keep its nature. Pitbull need daily exercise and this dog fit in apartment due to its smaller size this dog needs daily exercise.Cane

Corso dog is not better for in experience people because it is to much dififcult to handle this dog so I will recommend you if you are not well expert so stey away from this dog.

Both breeds are powerful, intelligent, active, and headstrong. points for both.

Attraction to owner

Attentsion to Owner

 Cane Corso is more attentive for his owner and also loyal that’s why most people want to keep that dog in his house and more responsive to training than Pitbull.

1 point for cane corso Easy to Groom Their short coat is very low maintenance and they can be bathed in very little time not that they need to be bathed often.

Watch dog Ability

The top of the Cane Corso is seemingly its most significant component. It is huge and forcing. The temple ought to be level and merged to the gag. The gag is level, rectangular (when seen from above), and for the most part as wide as it is long; around 33% the absolute length of the sku

 The Italian pooches are undeniably mesmerizing, visually, and they’re bred for guardianship Tendency To Bark Or Howl Although typically a very quiet breed,

Coro bark any person without of his family and this dog is loyal and did not harm to his family member due to his intelligence.

.Tolerates Being Alone The Pitbull lives for his family and may become destructive if left alone too much.

Weather Requirement

Corso dog require most cold weather but the other Dog Pitbull require less cold weather that’s is most both dogs’ ability to have difference weather choice nature in this case corso dog is more cool minded and bear things with affection but due to his anger it nominate in the most dangerous and household category of the dogs. point for cane corso 10 to 10 Tolerates Hot Weather the Corso can indeed be kept in cold weather however, its thin coat is geared more towards warmer weather.

points for both Finishes the Match the results are 11 to 11 In this match we have two winners with the same result. Both Breeds are Top Breeds

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